Replacement Glass in Wigan

Replacement Glass in Wigan

We replace broken glass in windows and doors in Wigan. We know that getting broken glass or faulty double glazed units can be a pain, so we are here to help. Our glaziers can help you get you sorted. We will remove the broken glass and install new glass. We can usually replace your glass the same day, however if some reason we cannot source the glass we can board your window or door up keeping your property secure.

We replace broken glass in windows on a daily basis at homes and businesses across Wigan and the North West. We can replace like for like or you can upgrade to a higher efficiency rated glass saving you money on energy bills. We replace broken glass windows in Wigan for schools, shops, offices, restaurants, gyms, hotels, and more.

We can replace all types of glass including, single pane glass, double glazed units, frosted glass, Safety Glass, Toughened, and wired or laminated glass.

Got a misty window?

If you have it means you have a failed double glazed unit, some people think that you have to replace the whole window however this is not true. You can just replace the glass unit. These units fail when the rubber compound that prevents moist air getting in breaks down between the glass panes. The allows moist air to enter, and the unit to steam up. This can reduce visibility out your window and prevent light from entering your room. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the double glazed glass unit.

We have over 25 years experience in replacing glass in windows and doors. All our jobs are completed to the highest quality.

For more information or to book a call out, call us on 01204 385499.

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